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A Season of Thanks

Posted by Marge VanWoerkom on 10/18/2011 to Fall
A Season of Thanks Ever since the 1800's, US citizens have commemorated Thanksgiving by duplicating the concept of the pilgrims and the Indians seated together for a pleasant meal. As nice as this vision of friendship may be, it is not reality. The saga of pilgrims and Indians was one of one-sided friendship. while the Indians supplied the pilgrims with sustenance and education to survive their first winter the pilgrims expressed gratitude to them by antagonizing and lashing out at them. Even though this is not what we want to imagine as we get together to dine with our friends and family, perhaps it lends a new point of view to the day. The pilgrims were selfish and dubious. They took from the Indians and repaid them in the most severe ways possible. Perhaps instead of believing the romanticized image of the pilgrims and Indians as pals each Thanksgiving, we should look back on the treachery the Indians experienced at the hands of their "friends" the pilgrims. Now I don't wish to imply that Thanksgiving should be a solemn day of reproach and retrospection, but maybe we should take the day to consider our own relationships. Of all the things we say thanks for on Thanksgiving, the persons we love should be at the very top. hearth Healthy Gift BasketsThanksgiving is not only an event for us to discuss our various blessings with those closest to us, but to show our appreciation for their devoted friendship. This Thanksgiving you might consider bringing a little something more to convey your appreciation. Why not thank your friends and family for their friendship and support by giving them a Good For You Healthy Gift Basket from Baskets By Rita? A feel good, and good for you basket that gives the gift of good health. Showing you care is done best when you give from the heart, and for the heart. This basket says thank you or get well with guilt-free, healthy indulgences, a gift basket stocked with an assortment of food and snacks that make us feel good and feel good about giving them. The perfect way to snack at home or the office! Everything looks and tastes so good they won't know how healthy it is!  

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