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Comfort Food Italian Style

Posted by Marge VanWoerkom on 3/14/2012 to Everyday Gifts
Regrettably, I do not have a single ancestor from Italy, but regardless, that does not mean I do not appreciate the culture, language, and obviously the food and wine. Given that I myself do not come from an Italian family, I am inspired by the ceremony and traditions that define an Italian meal. I have researched typical Italian table conduct and have decided to share a few things here. To start with, before the meal begins, any first timer should recognize that an Italian dinner is not a hasty event, but may take as many as three hours. This means, take a seat, unwind, and savor your meal at a leisurely pace. It is conventional for every single visitor to make a favorite course to contribute. Meaning there may be as many as ten courses in a night. At this point I'd like to give you this simple warning not to help yourself too much too fast. With so many different dishes to enjoy it is suggested to save room for a little bit of everything. Make sure you arrive on time! In the politest of Italian customs, no one will fill their plate until every last invitee has arrived. In an effort not to inconvenience everyone else, be sure not to be late. The most important suggestion I can give you is to forget about any stress you are carrying and just thoroughly take pleasure in the meal! Italians will typically remain seated at the table long past when they have finished eating just to benefit from each others company. I cannot think of a better way to recover and shrug off the excessive problems of every day life! Now I'm sure after reading this you are going to want to go to the most convenient Italian restaurant or make a call to your closest Italian friend and ask if you can join them for dinner. Another solution for a strong Italian urge is to order in... what I mean is buy an Italian Gift Basket online from Baskets By Rita. This Italian Gift Basket is a perfect way to say happy birthday, congratulations, or enjoy your new home! It features organic pasta, spaghetti sauce, Italian wafer cookies, artisan breadsticks, herb cheese spread, summer sausage, green olives, almonds, and espresso candy. Since we have already established that everyone likes Italian food, how could you possibly go wrong?

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