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Father's Day Gift Idea

Posted by Marge VanWoerkom on 5/17/2012 to Our Newest Products
A Gift Only Dad Would Love Now don't get me wrong, I was far from underprivileged and always very well loved, but I guess what I'm saying is that my dad expressed his love best by teaching me how to get along in the real world. He taught me to be responsible for my actions, that everything comes at a price, to work hard for the things you wish for, and that love is best conveyed through quality time well spent and not by money. The one thing that my Father was never reluctant to spend money on was my education. He helped support me through college and multiple unpaid internships, he facilitated me pay for a variety of of my study abroad experiences and even French classes. Although there once was a time when I would whine that he wouldn't buy me the new sweater that I desired I now understand that he was saving his funds for a worthier cause. Although I was never Daddy's Girl my dad and I have a wonderful relationship. I cannot thank him enough for all he's done for me and not only that but all he has taught me. This fathers day opt out of the yearly ball cap and do something a little extra special for your dad. Make sure he knows how much you appreciate him by sending him a Father's Day Beer & Nuts Basket. This is just what he has been wishing for. If your dad loves beer and nuts then this is just to gift for him. We offer the following options.



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