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Gifts For The College Student

Posted by Marge VanWoerkom on 4/7/2012 to Everyday Gifts
to live from paycheck to paycheck. I've learned what it's like to not be able to purchase the most basic things such as groceries, gas, a cup of coffee in the morning, or even a train ride. I've learned to take hand outs from others with the hope that one day I can pay them back or pay it forward. I've learned how to stretch a dollar as far as it can potentially go. And last but not least, I've learned how great it feels to receive a Gourmet Comfort Food Basket package, no matter what's inside it, from people who cares about you. Gourmet comfort food gifts make a great gift to sent to a family or an office for a thank you gift, welcome gift or even condolence gift. A great assortment of gourmet goodies including cheese, crackers, chocolates and much more. gourmet comfort gift basketComfort food gift basket to send a message of thinking of you. comfort food gift, get well basket, sympathy gift, condolence gift basket, bereavement gift As you probably already know, I am a college student. Although we students have a track record for running around, most of my friends and I work hard to play hard. We go to university full time, work one to two jobs, and try to earn enough dough to pay the bills and still go out and forget some of the tension of our day to day lives. I remember when I first moved away from home, my mom took me clothes shopping and I told her that would be the last time she would ever have to buy me clothes. I was certain that I would become utterly independent over night and somehow work hard enough to keep the same level of spending that I had become accustomed to. My mom understood how incorrect I was, but I didn't come to realize the truth until six months later. My mom phoned me up and asked me if she could take me out shopping. I hadn't asked her for any support, but somehow, as is classic with mothers, she just knew. I learned that no matter how desperately I wanted to be self-sufficient, I could not turn down her offer, so I thanked her awesomely and we headed off to some of my favorite shop. When I moved away to Rhode Island a year ago, I was eventually completely on my own for the very first time. I was somewhat anxious, I missed my friends and family, and I was working every single day but still doing without. One day a gift box arrived from. It was loaded full of brownies, fruit and nut bars, mixed nuts, coffee, chocolate, and all sorts of other snacks. It was a box of goodies from home to say we love you. The surprise of having something from home put a smile on my face that lasted throughout the day. It's amazing what a small but thoughtful gesture can do to pick you up when you're fighting to get by.  

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