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Gluten Free Gift Baskets

Posted by Marge VanWoerkom on 5/29/2012 to Everyday Gifts
Sending Gluten-Free Gifts Gluten free foods have gotten very popular because the interest increases. You might have currently noticed more gluten free breads made out of gluten free grains popping up for your most liked grocers. What the Heck is Gluten? Gluten is seen in wheat, rye, and barley. Why has this become such a significant issue recently. I understand that we in our brilliant efforts to make thing better only resulted in creating a mess. With our large knowledge in horticulture we produced a strain of grain that grow quickly and offers a higher yield. Well this terrific new grain is not so easily digested by our well engineered bodies. In some cases, that is for some people they are unable to process these new grains at all. Then the disastrous thing is we have lost the recipe for the old grain so we can’t even grow it now and no one wants to because they won’t make as much money because the yield is to low. Gluten-free gift basketWell the great news is there are lots of things out there that don’t have gluten in them and these food You will be happy to know that everything in this new basket is gluten-free and it taste good and there is a nice variety of sweet and savory snack too. A gift basket filled with a delicious variety of all natural and Gluten-Free snacks, this willow gift basket has it all! The perfect gift for those on a Gluten-Free diet. 



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