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New Baby Gift Trends Posh Unique

Posted by Marge VanWoerkom on 5/23/2011 to Our Newest Products
Denver, CO – 23 May 2011 – Posh is the new term to describe what discerning people are seeking to celebrate the birth of a baby. Posh so what does that mean? Posh means smart and fashionable with the term first appearing in the late 1800. An interesting theory states that is stands for Port Out, Starboard Home, (POSH, stamped on the passengers ticket) which were rooms on the cooler an more expensive side of the ship sailing from England and India. We believe that people are looking for cooler fashionable gifts to send in celebration of the baby’s birth. Baskets by Rita is always looking for new and improved for our customers. We search the web, read the trade journals, attend the gift shows and search the catalogs for our latest and great offerings. By doing this our customers are assured they can find the hottest in gifts, designs and themes for their new born baby gifts. We recently attended the Denver Gift Show where we found Bearington Bear posh dot baby gifts. See these online at and This line includes baby gifts with a plush and satin crib blankets, ultra soft teddy bears and embroidered bibs. It may not sound like much but you should see and wait till they touch it. We chose to care carry this gifts because it is unique, POSH and useful. Since many of our baby gifts are given by business for their employees it is important that we offer high quality posh gifts. We have always believed that we represent you and or your company with the gifts we create for you. If you order a new baby gift from us for your employee’s new baby and it is poor quality and unimpressive they you look like you really don’t care too much about them as an employee. “Our job is to make your gift giving easy,” said Van Woerkom, president of Baskets by Rita. “We want our customers to be able to buy with confidence knowing they will get what they ordered from our website, on day they want it, and with the message they dictated. ” Yes, we deliver and there is always a live person in Denver to answer your questions during business hours. Trends we are seeing in the new baby industry are organic, all natural, sustainable and useful gifts. This includes organic cotton clothing and baby blankets. Baby care products like all natural soaps, lotions and shampoos which are lightly scented or unscented. Useful containers such as reusable boxes, diaper bags and shopping bags have become the platform for the newborn baby gifts. From their Denver storefront and warehouse, Baskets by Rita is located in the middle of the country which means that the most far away locations in the continental US are only 4 business days away. Our FedEx shipping is fast and in almost all cases your gift will arrive in excellent condition. We take every order seriously and pay close attention to detail from the name and address of the recipient to the message on the enclosure card. Product quality and freshness is as important to us as we know it is to us. Please consider something posh unique and useful for your next new baby gift event.

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